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Ventilated curtain wall systems with a sandstone surface

Vorhangfassade sc01023 Nachbau Design Oberkirchner

This example shows a facade cladding of an institute building in Potsdam. The main view consists of a ventilated curtain wall made of solid sandstone slabs (Oberkirchner Sandstein). The problem was that the massive stone slabs in the attic area could not be processed from static. Nevertheless, in order to be able to continue the appearance of the sandstone facade in the attic area, the following construction was chosen.

As curtain elements aluminum cassettes were made in the dimensions of the sandstone slabs. This was then covered with flexible sandstone over the entire surface including the peripheral edges in the appearance of Oberkirchner sandstone.

The challenge for us was to recreate this look as true to the original as possible, so that there was no disruption of the overall impression. In close cooperation with the client and through the great commitment of our sample production, we have succeeded, as we find, in an impressive manner, as the result shows.