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Sandstone in furniture construction and interior design

Sandstone floor covering interior design red cloud exclusive
Sandstone floor covering interior design red cloud exclusive

As part of the interior design essential elements can be dressed with flexible sandstone. Here are the application possibilities, whether in office and administration, hotel and catering, but also in the private living area hardly limits.

So it is e.g. possible in representative reception areas (bank, office, hotel, etc.) to design the counter, advertising or company carriers, individual mobile items up to accessories such as planters and lamp bodies with this material. For the private sector, these applications can be based on typical elements such as fireplaces, wall panels (eg also backlit) u. a. m. translate.

Picture: Clothing of a wooden material board, thickness approx. 4 cm with flexible sandstone, design Königstein. It creates the appearance of a massive sandstone slab. The design with twig and spring so creates an effective and very individual Ausstattungsaccsessoir.