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Flexible Concrete Surface

Flexible Concrete as a timeless architecture material

Bethera – extra thin flexible concrete – the use of selected natural sands and special processing techniques has enabled the development of a surface material with particularly low material thickness and low weight, which is suitable for every application. Bethera is almost a complete natural product. It is free of dyes, ecologically harmless and environmentally friendly.

BETHERA Flexible concrete for interiors, as floor covering & facade YouTube play

Bethera is available in different natural shades and formats. Discover the wide range of surface structures and use them for numerous interior and exterior design variants. Bethera is extremely weather-resistant, UV-resistant and colourfast. The impregnation of the concrete surface with an application-specific, modern coating ensures a long service life.


– Facade
– Interiors and walls
– floor coverings
– Components

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Sandstone Designs – Sandstein Concept

Flexible sandstone as a timeless architecture material

Sandstone is a unique natural product. Sandstein Concept’s flexible sandstone products are made from globally imported natural sands in manufactory work in the design of nature. Sandstone surfaces are thus produced as veneer in the form of sheet goods or as a tile in many formats. Interiors, wellness areas and facades are equipped with this exclusive sandstone surface. Flexible sandstone has a sublime, natural and timeless appeal. A large number of designs, some of which are confusingly similar to some of the world’s sandstones, give the architect design freedom in a comprehensive color spectrum.