Flexible Sandstone Design Red Cloud

Flexible Sandstone Design Red Cloud, thickness 2 mm as sheet goods, tiles, plates from 390 x 390 mm to 27000 x 1180 mm for outdoor use, indoors and for wet rooms as a wall covering and as a floor covering


Red Cloud – extraordinary sandstone design for wall cladding and facades

The sandstone wall cladding made of real natural sands is available as sheet material in dimensions up to 2.70 m x 1.18 m and 2 mm thick, individual cut on request. The Red Cloud is an exclusive design for the extraordinary taste, compacted red and white tones explode in a cloud. Flexible sandstone can be easily cut and easily processed. It is a unique natural product and is made from globally imported natural sands in manufactory work in the design of nature. It gives your interiors, your spa or even the facade of her house a timeless-exclusive charisma. Due to the room-high dimensions up to 2.70 m and vertical installation, no breaks occur and the room height is optically stretched. Even a horizontal installation in associations or the combination of different designs open up unimaginable design possibilities in their interior design. Sandstone wallpaper (sheet) is a unique natural product and in connection with the surface sealing it can be kept outdoors for a long time even on the exterior. Flexible sandstone is characterized by a large number of special product properties. The special structure, natural fiber reinforcement fabric, natural sands without the addition of color pigments, solvent-free bonded with a dispersion results in a very flexible end product. This main feature, combined with the small thickness (about 2 mm) and the low weight of about 2.5 kg / m², opens up completely different and extremely versatile applications compared to solid stone. This applies equally to the interior and exterior. We are happy to advise you on an individual solution for your sandstone wall cladding.

Flexible Sandstone Red Cloud 2.70 m x 1,18 m
Flexible Sandstone Red Cloud 2.70 m x 1,18 m